Wire pegs (Stainless Steel Grade 304) 2.0 mm

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No more brittle plastic pegs! These pegs will last you a lifetime! 


These stainless steel pegs are a strong (304) grade wire clothes peg. These pegs are strong and will hold items secure in high winds. They are suitable for most environments. For extreme environments, such as marine areas, the stainless steel 316 grade peg is more suitable. 

The nickel content in these pegs is twice as high as in the normal stainless steel wire pegs therefore these pegs have high corrosion resistance, additionally due to the lower carbon and manganese content these pegs are more durable and less prone to rust.


Dimensions: 6cm long, 2mm wire diameter


Two pack sizes available:


  • 20 pack
  • 40 pack


  These pegs come in a drawstring hemp bag.