Farmers Market Shopping Bundle

Farmers Market Shopping Bundle

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The superhighway to shopping plastic-free. We've nailed it. This bundle has everything you need for a plastic-free grocery shop. 100% cotton and priced like the planet depends on it, they're so darn popular, it's almost impossible to keep them in stock! Practical, durable and extremely versatile - don't even ask us about their creamy organic textures and minimalist design, it just works. "I purchased the Farmers Market bundle a few months ago and use the bags nearly every day. They are brilliant. People often ask me where I got them from. I have ordered a second bundle for Xmas present. Love the concept and cannot fault the customer service" ~ Brenda Aww thanks Brenda! So what's in the Farmers Market Shopping Bundle? Glad you asked... 2 x Pocket Totes: Large and super sturdy with six large interior pockets for keeping organised (value $49 each) 2 x Mixed Mesh Totes: Handy "go-everywhere" string bags with canvas bottoms (value $29 each) 5 x assorted size Mesh Produce Bags: Shop loose fruit and veg like onions and tomatoes (value $56) 5 x assorted size Bulk Food Bags: Keeps bread fresh and are perfect for finer items like flours, lentils and nuts (value $24) These bags are easy to use, comfortable to wear, and look so damn good on, you'll never forget to bring your bags to the shops again!

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