Meet Melanie


Hi and welcome!

My name is Melanie and I am the owner of The Green Abode.

My interest in living natural started around the time I began studying Naturopathy at Nature Care College in 2005. I completed my Advanced Diploma in Naturopathy in 2008. Working at a chiropractic clinic and in a herbal pharmacy for many years also expanded my knowledge.

Fast forward a few years of working, living and traveling and I decided I wanted to know more about where our food came from, so off to Western Sydney University I went to study a Bachelor of Natural Science in Food Systems. In 2018 I graduated after 6 years studying part time, taking short breaks when my 2 daughters came along.

Being pregnant enhanced my desire to live a cleaner life. I was already fairly “green” in my approach to home life – always choosing natural products to use around the home and relatively unprocessed foods to eat, where ever possible limiting our family exposure to potentially harmful substances.

My approach at home is not only to reduce chemicals in the home but also to reduce our carbon footprint and reduce the impact we have on global resources. We implement things such as growing some of our own vegetables, recycling as much as possible, reusing everything we can, upcyling old things into new things, using cloth nappies and cloth wipes, using natural skin care products, eating organic foods, using hand-me-down clothes, toys and furniture, eat seasonally, composting, keeping a worm farm and keeping backyard chickens. There is so much more I’d like to be doing and hopefully this will come over time.

In 2015 I started the Green Abode because it made sense! 

Thanks for taking the time to get to know me. I would love to help you with your order.

Mel x