Reusable Not-So Paper Towels - 12 pack

Reusable Not-So Paper Towels - 12 pack

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Reusable not-so-paper Towels in colourful prints ready to roll onto a standard paper towel roll (they naturally stick together!)

Australian Made from 100% cotton cloth.

Not-so-paper Towels are a gorgeous and eco edition to your home, I literally can't imagine cleaning up spills and wiping down benches without them!


Dimensions: approx 30cm x 22cm

Not-so-paper towels are single ply cotton flannel

The more you wash them, the more absorbent they become! They may also shrink a little with the first few washes.


They easily roll onto a kraft paper tube or your normal paper towel holder, the sheets naturally cling together. You can also store them in a basket or jar. 



Washing instructions: Machine wash warm with like colours and dry in the dryer or on the line

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